Need to create a Hungarian version of your website? Use Weglot

Need to create a Hungarian version of your website? Use Weglot

If you're going into business in Hungary - especially as a foreigner - you're going to need a Hungarian version of your website. While younger people in Hungary tend to speak good English, the older generation is far less fluent, and if your website is only in English, you'll be missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers.

When it comes to making it happen, you could find a local translator - however, if you're looking to get up and running quickly, then there's another option. An app called Weglot.

What is Weglot?

Compatible with almost every major CMS, Weglot is a plug-and-play app that instantly creates a multi-lingual version of your site, accessible via its own page.

When installed it first detects all the content on your website. Then the magic happens. Using some of the best machine learning muscle available (like (Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex), this content is automatically translated.

No doubt a few things will need tweaking, and Weglot makes this process easy. And if you did want to get some human input - Weglot makes it easy to hire expert translators to work on your site.

Geared for SEO success

As well as opening up your business to a bigger pool of customers, the SEO benefits of translating your website are well-established. You'll show up in Google for people searching in Hungarian and your site's content base will increase - another +1 for Google.

Here Weglot has another feature that will help. Your site's META data - various under-the-hood tags that help Google understand what it is you do - will get translated as well. As will any popup and site forms you have.

Finally, visitors hitting your site will automatically be redirected to the language version that makes sense for them so they're not wasting time trying to find the language switch option (although Weglot will add one to your site all the same).

How to get started

Signing up for Weglot is easy - with plans starting from for 10,000 words - and a free trial to get you started. If you need help at any point, their support team is quick to respond and eager to help.